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      +86 577 27813218


      中文版  |  ENGLISH

      Pneumatic PP/PET strapping tool


      Description   namePneumatic Strapping   Machine   XQD25
      Usagewidely used in paper   industry,aluminum alloy, steel, wood, wooden box package,

      chemical fiber,cotton   spinning,tobacco,chemical,metal products,etc..
      Feature1. convenient   operation,smart and light, big electric power design 

      2. buckle free, friction   fusion welding technology, beautiful and reliable connection joint 

      3. high automatic working   performace,  high controllability of   tension and welding 

      4.High speed   tension,special structure design, easy to achieve tension and package of   steel, aluminum ingots, heavy packages

      5.all the parts with High -   strength aluminum alloy to keep long time use, 

        reliable design and advanced manufacturing   technology

      6.patent  design and avoid fatigue
      Applicable packing strap PP  &    PET
      Packing strap sizestrap width 19-25mm
      strap thickness0.5-1.2mm
      Sealing wayfriction heat sealing
      Air pressure0.5-0.8 MPa
      Net weight3.8 KGS

      If you have a demand for Wenzhou Handpack Machinery Co., Ltd examined the map

      Honest move of various regions product business agent! TEL:+86 577 27813218

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