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      +86 577 27813218


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      Pneumatic steel strapping tool


      Model   name Pneumatic   Steel Strapping Tool GZA32
      Description use for paper industry,aluminum alloy, steel, wood,   wooden box package,
      chemical   fiber,cotton spinning,tobacco,chemical,metal products,etc..
      Feature1.High speed tension,special structure design, easy to achieve   tension and package of steel, aluminum ingots, heavy packages
      2.all the parts with   high - strength aluminum alloy to keep long time use, 
        reliable design and advanced manufacturing   technology
      3.patent  design and avoid fatigue
      Applicable   packing Strap steel  strap
      Tape size 32x(0.8-1.2)mm
      Air pressure0.5 ~ 0.6 Mpa
      Tensioning speed4.2m/min.
      Tension stress   of the seal≥18.4kN

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